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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Town

I just saw a commercial for ABC's new series, Happy Town. Without any research - my preferred research method - I am guessing that the show is set in a town with a mystery and the inhabitants are stranded in this city where a series of weird occurrences (typically lasting 20 minutes each) happen forcing these inhabitants to slowly unravel this mystery as the audience learns the backstory about the characters. As a knot is untied, five knots appear in its place forming a puzzle inside an enigma inside of a paradox taking one wonder whether this knot is worth being untied.

I have basically described ABC's soon-ending Lost except substituting a town with an island. Is this a coincidence or am I completely wrong about what this show is about? Only time will tell.

If Happy Town is canceled then I get credit for saying it sucks because it is a Lost ripoff and if it becomes the next Lost then I get credit too.

"To me that's the win-win.
The next time you see a homie and his rims spin,
Just know my mind is working just like them.
(The rims that is)"
- Jay Z

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